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India’s Generic Medication Industry in Overview

The basis of lower cost generic drugs was the desire to allow middle class Indians to be able to afford medicine without having to spend a large amount of their earnings or being denied readily available pharmaceuticals needed to maintain health.

The patent act was modified in 2005 to match world trade laws, but it still provides options to Indian pharmaceutical producers where it comes providing low price products. Two primary clauses that permitted this are:

  • It permitted acknowledgment of product patents that were filed post 1995, which was a particularly important clause, i.e., particularly for a corporation like Pfizer, that applied for patent in 1993.
  • Indian pharmaceutical producers who had made noteworthy outlays in the production and development in generics up to that point could carry on with such activity by paying royalties to the initial producer. This allowed for the legal manufacture of Generic Cialis within India.

So of course, it is completely legal to produce generic medicines within India, and continues to be perfectly legal for doctors to prescribe low cost generics where it would be otherwise extremely costly due to global patent law agreements. This is the reason India continues to be a focal point and favored location for those choosing to order pharmaceutical drugs over the internet. As they are all legal, the main producers can offer medicines which offer the uppermost standards, guaranteeing the best quality at considerably lower costs.

Which are the top selling generic drugs in India?
Generic Viagra and Generic Cialis are the most broadly ordered medicines purchased over the web and a vast number of men have been helped.

Leading Pharmaceutical Producers
CIPLA, Ranbaxy, Dr Reddys

Information about the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

  • India's pharmaceutical industry has thousands of listed units offering a high degree of local rivalry, ensuring prices remain competitive.
  • India has an immense population, one that is almost 4 times larger than that of the United States. As such there is a significant need for healthcare, which can to a degree, cover for the low costing approach of producers.
  • India's pharmaceutical industry is the primary scientific business in the country and is valued billions of dollars. It is acknowledged the greatest among third world counties, and as well, is one of the planet's most highly regarded pharmaceutical industries where it comes to excellence, expertise, and the diversity of medicines produced there.

With an income of more than 250 billion rupees, India’s pharmaceutical industry is among the quickest expanding industries, as its annual growth rate exceeds 27%. With the primary Indian pharmaceutical businesses purchasing many lesser pharmaceutical producers within the US and Europe, it is expected to grow larger and dominate the global pharmaceutical market, with earnings of about $16 billion annually anticipated as soon as 2014.

The primary pharmaceutical manufacturers in India
  • Ranbaxy (revenue INR 42 billion)
  • Dr Reddy’s Laboratories (Revenue INR 41.7 billion)
  • CIPLA (Revenue INR 39 billion)
  • Sun Pharma (Revenue INR 26 billion)
  • Lupin Labs (Revenue INR 23 billion)
  • Aurobindo Pharma (Revenue INR 21.5 billion)
  • GlaxoSmithKline Pharma (Revenue INR 18.5 billion)
  • Cadila Healthcare (Revenue INR 17 billion)
  • Aventis Pharma (Revenue INR 10.5 billion)
  • Ipca Laboratories (Revenue INR 10 billion)