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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: Am I required to have a prescription?

    A: You do not need a prescription to complete your purchase from, although we strongly recommend you speak with your healthcare provider before taking any medication.

  • Q: What is the legal course of action I must take regarding buying medication over the web without utilizing a prescription?

    A: distributes from nations where you are not obliged legally to provide a prescription for your medication.

  • Q: What forms of payment does accept?

    A: Currently will only accept credit card payment through VISA.

  • Q: How long does delivery usually take?

    A: Typically we send your shipment out within 2 to 3 business days of payment. The package is shipped by registered air mail (12 - 16 days delivery) or Express Mail Service (EMS) (5 - 8 days delivery). If there are any delays in shipping, we will let you know as soon as possible through e-mail or by telephone.

  • Q: Where is my medication sent from?

    A: At this time’s shipping services are situated in Mauritius, UAE, Singapore, as well as India.

  • Q: How will I recognize the package you’ve sent me?

    A: Your parcel will appear as private mail and its contents will not be obvious.

  • Q: Do you deliver to anywhere in the world?

    A: delivers to most of the world’s nations; exceptions include Canada, Germany, Luxembourg, as well as the Netherlands in accordance to their customs restrictions.

  • Q: What if the package I order does not make it through customs or goes missing in the mail?

    A: If your parcel does not arrive within 22 days of us shipping it we will either re-ship your order right away at no charge or issue you a refund depending upon your preference.

  • Q: Are credit card payments over the internet secure?

    A: utilizes internet standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to assure safe encryption of all your credit card data. This procedure sends the data safely from your computer to our secure website. No other parties have access to any of your personal data. SSL encryption technology is widespread amongst all Internet retailers and practically prevents any credit card fraud in Internet transactions. Total protection through transactions at is assured by Geotrust and McAfee, the most dependable Internet security certification providers.

  • Q: What do you do with my personal information?

    A: Any of your personal details sent to us through our secure shopping cart is 100% protected. We work under rules that do not permit us to share any personal data we receive with anybody.

  • Q: Is there any distinction between generic and brand-name pharmaceuticals?

    A: There is very little distinction, with the obvious except being the drug's trade name and the cost. The Producer creates their brand name for the purposes of marketing and advertising. Generic drugs are available for purchase under their chemical designations. Approved of by standard practice, state laws, and statutes, all generic drugs are required to have the same ingredients and be the medical equivalent of the brand name of the matching drug. Consequently, with any generic drug you take you are receiving the same active ingredients, medicinal dosage, effectiveness, and form as a branded drug. In short, you are getting the same degree of effectiveness from the generic version.

  • Q: How do I cancel my order, if for any reason I change my mind?

    A: Any order can be canceled after it has been placed but cancellations must be made less than 24 hours after you place your order. Please contact our offices via e-mail if you need to cancel or change your order. All changes or cancellations must be made within 24 hours from the time you place your order, after those 24 hours have passed no changes or cancellations can be accepted. One important thing you need to confirm within the initial 24 hours after you place your order is your mailing address. Please insure that all the information you provide is correct. Get in touch us within 24 hours of ordering if you need to modify your shipping address in any way. This ensures that there will be no delay in receiving your purchase.

  • Q: Do you permit returns or refunds and if so, what are your policies regarding this?

    A: If you are displeased with your purchase, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to supply you with any information you will require in order to return your parcel. You will be responsible for the cost of return postage but we will refund you the exact sum of your original purchase price. Please note: It can take between 25 to 90 days for us to receive your returned purchase.

  • Q: Your charge incredibly low prices when compared to your competition. Are you trustworthy?

    A: In exchange for the high volume sales we offer our business partners we are provided reduced service costs. That enables us to pass on our medicinal products at the low prices you see. In addition, since the quality of our products speaks for themselves our advertising costs are negligible.

If you are still uncertain about making a purchase, please contact our service operator, who will be more than happy to respond to any questions you may have.